Hello Companions! This is a quick note to explain my hopes and wishes for this wiki. In brief, I want to make it the best resource available for the Prydain series. The most comprehensive, the best written, the clearest and most easily navigable, and one offering the best array of graphics -- from drawings to photos to maps to paintings -- out of any Prydain volume, digital or in print.

I think that goal is attainable. Working with what was already here when I arrived, I feel like I've already made considerable inroads into realizing my dream site. But there's still a fair amount of work to do. Chapters from Taran Wanderer and The High King need to be fleshed out, given more detail and greater accuracy. (I've expanded all the chapters from the first / three / books; you can use those as a guide or a springboard.) Character pages from The Foundling and Other Tales of Prydain need to be created, and a new category for "Foundling Characters" needs to be created, and linked to all Foundling-associated pages.

Princess Eilonwy, Daughter of Angharad
Background information
Featured Books All five books in The Chronicles of Prydain
Allegiance Sons of Don, House of Llyr
Film Appearances Disney's The Black Cauldron
Base of Opperations Caer Dallben
Powers Minor Enchantments
Weapon of Choice Golden Pelydryn

Further, consistency of format, especially on the character pages, needs to be applied. All characters need to be given character tables (like the one seen above, which you can see in Source mode here by clicking the "EDIT" button and selecting the "Source" tab at top right of the EDIT window). Sections with Headings titled "Biography", "Physical Description" and "Persona" need to be added to each character page (where they do not already exist). The same should eventually be done with the Animal characters!

At the same time, I'm learning to be an Admin. I've already made some modifications to the presentation of this site -- including the woodsy color theme and the way most pics are presented (preferably in 300 px and right-justified) -- and I hope to make further, better, more aesthetic adjustments. But I don't know how to do everything yet! I'd like to add videos (Disney and fanmade), but I'm not yet certain how best to do that. I'll edit this blog as I learn to do different tasks, so that you can all help me achieve them. And please, if you have any ideas for improvement, please share them with me. Let's try to make this wiki better together.

Thanks and love; and as always, enjoy your time in Prydain! NoahDavidHenson (talk) 19:21, March 15, 2013 (UTC)

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