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These are chapters from books in The Chronicles of Prydain.

When writing a chapter article, include the following:

The Name of This Chapter is the (nth number) chapter of The Name of the Book.

Go on to describe the general themes and broad events of the chapter, without spoiling them for people who have not yet read the chapter. For example: "Here the protagonists meet an old friend who warns them the villain is nearby. Themes of loyalty and honor are developed."

Next, proceed to place a spoiler bar:
This page contains spoilers. If you do not wish to be spoiled, do not read further.
by typing {{Spoiler}}.

Under the spoiler bar, include a plot section by typing ==Plot== with the full details of the story, and the characters, places and objects involved.

At the bottom, insert that book's template, by typing, for example, {{Castle of Llyr}}. Note that capitalization is important, and that for the prupose of these templates, omit any initial Thes.

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